L. Wayne Alexander

palm trees in beverly hillsWayne Alexander is a founding partner of the firm.

Wayne graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with departmental honors and Phi Beta Kappa, and is a Yale Law School graduate.

Prior to founding the firm, Wayne was a partner at Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, and was associated with and later became a partner at Pollock, Bloom & Dekom, after being associated with Hardee, Barovick, Konecky & Braun and Greenberg & Glusker.

Wayne represents writers, authors, directors, visual effects supervisors and companies, literary/talent agents and managers, and video game designers, as well as motion picture and television producers. Wayne has developed particular expertise in negotiation of executive employment agreements, production and distribution of independent and studio films and television series,  representing writers, directors and producers, and licensing of remake/sequel rights and television series format rights.

In other areas, Wayne represents companies which design and produce special venue films and theme park attractions.

Wayne was recently profiled in Clare Cosslett’s 2012 book “Lawyers at Work.”

A few representative, current clients:

Charles Frazier, James Ellroy, Vince Bugliosi (estate), Brunonia Barry,  George V. Higgins (estate), Marshall Jon Fisher, Marie Lu, Jamie Ford, Gail Carriger, Miranda Kenneally, Hugh Howey, Charles Fox, Helen Stringer, Matt Dorff, Josh Malerman, Jennifer Shaw Wolf, Jason Hough, Anne Echols, Deanna Raybourn, John Waugh, Susan Cheever, Kim Reid, Jeff Maysh.

Film/TV Directors:
Ross Clarke, Bill Condon, Stuart Gordon, Patrick Read Johnson, Jeremy Kagan, Roger Spottiswoode, Anthony Stacchi, Steven C. Miller; Jsu Garcia, Sarah Spillane, Joe Begos, Ross Clarke, James Freedman, Dan Myrick, Rupert Wainwright, Regina Crosby, Roxanne Captor.

Film/TV Writers:
Hans Bauer, Joel Cohen & Alec Sokolow, Bill Condon, David Dortort (estate), Andre & Maria Jacquemetton, Craig Mitchell, Alexandra Seros, Richard Tuggle, Stuart Gordon, Ross Clarke, Joe Begos, Floyd Byars, Brendan McCarthy, Dan Myrick, Sean Presant, Max LaBella, Cindy Lou Johnson, Julia Cox, David Titcher, Dominic Morgan, Anthony Grieco.

Visual Effects:
Scott E. Anderson, Matt Beck, Jerome Chen, Jon Farhat, Ben Snow, Craig Hayes.

Film/TV Producers:
Donald Borchers, Walter Coblenz, Bob Solo, Bob Papazian/Jim Hirsch, Rene Malo, Clark Peterson, Andre Link, Harley Cokeliss, Carol Baum, David Helpern, Teryn Fogel, Michelle Murdocca.

Stone Canyon Media, Intellectual Property Group, Nelson Literary Agency.